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Any Mother’s Voice Can Be a Tool for Social Good

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Can you believe that? Can you believe that if you have a deep passion for a cause — any cause, in any place — your voice can be an instrument for change? I didn’t believe that. It took me until just recently in my life to finally realize that it doesn’t take an extraordinary act of outward advocacy to create change. All it takes is a desire and an audience of any size — your family, school or church group,Read More ...

Watch: Day of the Dead Calaca Face Painting {Video}

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Last week a Colombian friend of ours decided that it would be a great idea to have a pre-Halloween party for the kids. She’s always coming up with the best ideas to keep the kids entertained and en español. This time, she came up with the idea of having a comparsa-style party, meaning that the whole family would have to come dressed up under one theme and put together a show to perform in front of everyone. Yikes! As funRead More ...

Disney Junior’s Sofia the First Is Supposed To Be Latina? Why I’m not buying it

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Let me start by saying that my girl and I couldn’t be more excited about next month’s premiere of Disney Junior’s Sofia the First. I first wrote about her on SpanglishBaby back in June and just with that sneak peek my girl was hooked. What little girl wouldn’t love the story of a girl turned princess? But I’ll tell you one thing, as much as we already love Sofia, never for one second did the thought cross my mind that she would be aRead More ...

Talking to Our Kids About Day of the Dead/Día de Muertos

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For years now we’ve been talking about and celebrating the Day of the Dead festivities on SpanglishBaby, but this is the first year I’m finally going all out with Camila since I feel she can now get a better grasp of what it means. My plan is for us to put an altar together for the bisabuelos and bisabuela she never met. We’re also invited to a party this Saturday where all families have been asked to dress up asRead More ...

How One Scarf and Many Moms Can Make a Difference

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Remember when I went to Haiti in January with a group of bloggers and the Heart of Haiti? That trip enlightened me to the fact that the decisions we make when we’re going to purchase a gift for someone else or ourselves can have a huge impact on a community and even directly on the family that created it. I call it conscious purchasing and I’ve seen first-hand the difference it makes in the smile of a woman that feelsRead More ...

Celebrating Our Bilingual Kids With #MamiverseReads

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Curling up with our bilingual niños and a good book can be one of the best daily routines we could have. It allows us to interact with our kids in an educational and fun way. Even better if we’re reading to them en español! To celebrate the joy of reading and raising bilingual kids, we’ve joined forces with Mamiverse and their new channel Mamiverse Books to host an interactive Twitter party with great prizes! The main goal of this Twitter party will beRead More ...

One of Baby’s First Words: ¡Agua!

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Any parent that has spoken only in Spanish to their child from birth can tell you that one of their baby’s full and intentional words to come out of his mouth was “Agua,” the word for water in Spanish. Yes, it’s an easier word for them to pronounce in Spanish, but it’s also one they have heard repeatedly for six months or so since they started drinking water. It’s also one of the first words that gets them exactly whatRead More ...

Watch: “Bilingual is Better” Book Launch Party {Video}

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Seems hard to believe that it’s been less than three weeks since we celebrated in Miami the launch of our book “Bilingual is Better.” We finally got the video to share with all of you just how amazing it was to be surrounded with so many friends, bloggers, celebrities and press that were there to support us, the book and, well…you! Yes, you because you are the one making this a movement, a true and bonifide revolutionof parents who areRead More ...

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