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I Used to Dance. ¿Qué Pasó?

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Photo by Lorena

How is it that once we become moms we lovingly give so much of ourselves that we slowly let those elemental pieces of our soul fade away?  Not only am I a mom, but a WAHM, that has to constantly juggle the dance between bringing in cash for my part of the home budget and being an involved mom and wife.  In an effort to do it all, I forget about myself. Yes, it´s the same old whiny, whiny motherRead More ...

My Girl Needs Speech Therapy. No, It Has Nothing to do With Her Being Bilingual!

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Camila drawing

Yes, that´s right. We´ve hit the dreaded speech development wall.  My girl, Camila, turned 3 years old in August.  She´s been making sounds and talking up a storm as soon as she discovered she could. She has never been the calladita type.  She´s loud, full of energy and always has something to say.  Problem is, only a handful of people actually understand what she is saying. She is up to speed with the amount of words in her bilingual repertoireRead More ...

A Gnomeo and Juliet Hollywood Moment

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El Capitan Theater premiere Gnomeo and Juliet

When Roxana and I decided to create SpanglishBaby over two years ago, we had no idea what we were really getting ourselves into.  We´ve dedicated much of our time, resources and energy to this labor of love which is now starting to pay back in the form of friendships, perks, a few sponsorships and invitations to events where we get to meet other bloggers and interesting people.  Apparently, it all comes with the territory of the “mom blogger” world andRead More ...

Más From Our Mexican Holiday in Pictures

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Camila in Mexico

No better place to start 2011 for us than in tierra Azteca–México.  Last week I shared a post from our first weekend in México City and promised to share more, but fell short on that promise because my daughter got a severe cold and double ear infection and I got hit with the flu.  We had to take it easy for days and missed out on many of the sights we were looking forward to having Camila experience:  el ZócaloRead More ...

A Mexican Holiday in Pictures

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We were finally able to spend a Christmas with family in Mexico after three years of quiet holidays as a family of three in Los Angeles.  Travel is one of the most significant and effective ways to immerse your child in a language and culture.  Aside from the obvious benefits for our girl’s bilingual development, travel to Latin America for us is a matter of connection to the essence of who we are and to the heart of our heritage. Read More ...

Full Language Immersion Abroad

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We got back from our trip to El Salvador just last week, and it already feels like it was so long ago.  Yet, the memories and benefits we gained from this trip are still well alive.  Some weeks ago I shared about Camila’s cultural immersion with her familia, and promised I’d be back to tell you more about her experience at a local, Spanish-language preschool. I made the decision to enroll her to a local preschool for two reasons: 1)Read More ...

The Language of Family

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Many of you know through our tweets and our Facebook updates that my daughter and I are currently in El Salvador visiting the family for one whole month. It has been two years since the last time we were here and a trip was long overdue, especially for Camila. My daughter, who just turned three, has a long-distance relationship with everyone in her family, except for mamá and papá. I always feel guilty that, not only will she be anRead More ...

A Piñata Story

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I grew up in El Salvador going to Piñatas, not fiestas de cumpleaños, but Piñatas. If you guessed that the smacking of the hanging toy was the main attraction, you’re right. The thing is I don’t remember ever having fun when it was my turn to grab the stick and hit the swinging piñata. I never felt tall enough, strong enough, or maybe I simply was never interested enough. I was reminded about this feeling of childhood inadequacy last weekRead More ...

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