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We are Ana Lilian and Roxana, two Latina moms – best friends since college – who are extremely passionate about ensuring our children not only speak both our languages, English and Español, but that they also grow up proud of both their cultures, Latino and American.

The idea behind this blog was born back in the summer of 2008 when an online search for children’s books in Spanish came up short. Further research proved that there were, in fact, very little resources online for parents who, like us, wanted to raise bilingual and bicultural children. And so – using our extensive expertise in other media (television and newspapers) – we decided to take it upon ourselves to create that resource and launching SpanglishBaby in February 2009.

Since then, our blog has evolved into the go-to online community for parents raising bilingual and bicultural children. We’ve been blessed with lots of media attention, several awards and have grown more than we ever imaged thanks to our very loyal readers who constantly tell us we’re “exactly what they’ve been looking for.”

As if all that weren’t enough, we are currently working on the forthcoming SpanglishBaby Book, which will be published by Bilingual Readers in the fall of 2012 and is already available for pre-order!

What you’ll find here:

Our articles are organized into categories making it simple to find the topic you’re interested in. Here are some highlights:

  • Bicultural Vida: We all have stories to tell about what it’s like to raise bilingual and bicultural children.


  • Ask an Expert: Readers get their questions answered by a variety of esteemed experts from linguists to bilingual teachers.


  • Must Reads: Informative posts about bilingualism and relevant topics.


  • The Culture of Food: Recipes we find and share. Food brings us closer to our culture. What’s cool is that you can search by country!


  • Bilingual Education: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this topic, including a user-generated directory to help you find options in your area.


  • Books & Libros: Reading is one of the best ways to promote bilingualism. Here, we review books, interview authors and provide you with lists of titles based on specific themes.


  • Forum: The place where our readers connect.

We also bring you SpanglishBabyFinds the part of the blog where we do fun reviews and giveaways for all mamis and papis raising bilingual niños. We truly believe in supporting Latinos or Latino-geared businesses, as well as products and services that promote bilingualism, showcasing our colorful and varied culture and heritage, but it’s important to note that we ONLY plan on reviewing products we like and believe you will find worth your hard-earned dinero.

We are also available for speaking engagements, media inquiries and corporate consulting for our point of view and commentary as emerging parenting experts in the field of the daily challenges of raising bilingual + bicultural children. Feel free to contact us at any time: madre{at}

Want to know where else we blog and who´s been writing about us? Oh, and some nice awards, too! Click here to find out.

Find out more about Roxana here and about Ana Lilian here.

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