Gardening can be therapeutic and fun!  Do you remember Chia pets?

Here’s a fabulous way to introduce your little ones to gardening. Also, a wonderful activity to get the kids exploring textures, plant life and just being silly. With Winter here this is a perfect way to bring the outdoors inside and reirse un poco, who doesn’t need some laughter in their day?

Make sure you work in an area you don’t mind getting dirty. Lay down newspaper and set out your supplies. Let your kids have fun playing with the dirt.

You will need:

  • disposable cup
  • wheat grass, ivy or moss
  • close-up face image

1. Place moss in cup.

2. Follow watering instructions for the plant you choose.

3. Tape picture to cup with the forehead at the end of the top part of  the cup.

You can choose to purchase seeds and have your child grow the hair or an already grown plant where they just trim.

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