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Our Sneak Peek of the Cars Land Float for the 2013 Rose Parade!

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Cars Land, the newest land in the Disneyland Resort, is now also going down in history as a 125-foot long float in the 2013 Rose Parade! I’ve been a fan of watching the Rose Parade ever since I can remember. I used to wake up early on New Year’s Day after staying up super late the night before in some classic Salvadoran party-all-night style (yes, even when I was just a child!) just to watch the Rose Parade in itsRead More ...

Sharing a Remedio Casero: Mami’s Eucalyptus Tea

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It’s funny how one slowly starts becoming just like one’s mamá. You notice it when you start blurting out your wisdom in dichos or when you scold your child with words that ring in your head like ghosts from the past. But little did you know that even those remedios caseros (home remedies) you thought were a pain to swallow or deal with as a child and that your mom or abuela so lovingly administered, actually became engrained in youRead More ...

5 Essentials to Successfully Raise a Bilingual Child

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Do you have what it takes to raise a bilingual child? Pretty bold statement, huh? But the reality is that many parents make the decision to not teach their child a second language because they don’t believe they’re capable of doing it or they feel don’t have the resources they need. It could be that they feel that: they are not fluent enough in the second language their partner or family doesn’t support them not enough people around them thatRead More ...

Filling Our Red Cup: A Symbol of Hope

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How many of you held a cup this morning? How often do you think about what you pour into that cup? For me, a cup symbolizes the joy of a hot cafecito con leche to start my day. It’s one of the few rituals I always adhere to in my day. I’m also picky about my cups. I like them more like mugs than a standard cup because I love feeling the weight in my hands and the warmth ofRead More ...

One Click Can Help Share One Million Breakfasts With Kids in Need

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  We all know how important it is to start off the day with a good breakfast. Sending our kids well fed to school makes a difference in how will perform in school that day.  But how often do we think about families who cannot send their kids to school with a good breakfast? That would actually be 1 in 5 children in the U.S. that go to school without breakfast everyday. In reaction to this need, Kellog’s announced today aRead More ...

Mexico: Family, Food, Beach and Español

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My family and I arrived in Cancun last night to attend a good friend’s wedding in Playa del Carmen. We used to live in Playa – as it’s fondly known – in 2005 when hurricane Wilma destroyed Cancun. The year my husband and I spent here has been the most magical in our lives and the friendships we made still remain strong. My husband’s sister and her family live here as well, so we’ll take any excuse to come downRead More ...

Why It Takes a Leap of Faith to Enroll Your Child in a Dual Language Immersion Program

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I thought I knew *a lot* about dual immersion schools because I’ve been researching them for both the blog and our book for almost four years now, but now that my daughter has been in one for almost four months I have a whole new understanding of them. I know the topic of bilingual education as a whole is so confusing for parents because there are so many different programs (ELL, ESL, full immersion, partial immersion, etc) and because, dependingRead More ...

#GivingTuesday For Bilingual Education

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Today we’ll all be making history together as we join a new movement called #GivingTuesday. We’re all way too familiar and entrenched with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what about a day honoring the tradition of being grateful that we can even enjoy those “celebrations” and give back to others as much as we were able to get deals for us? That’s exactly the idea behind #GivingTuesday, a concept I learned about back in September when I was invitedRead More ...

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