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Alicia Maher was born in El Salvador and resides in Los Angeles CA since 1986. She learned to cook at a young age authentic Salvadoran food from her grandmother, great aunts, aunts and her Salvadoran friends. For almost thirty years Alicia has passionately carried and shared her country and ancestors’ culinary traditions with family and friends. In her cookbook Delicious El Salvador: 75 Authentic Recipes for Traditional Salvadoran Cooking, she sets out to preserve and teach El Salvador’s home cooking history, flavors and dishes to future generations. She is also the former owner of two full service bakeries in the Los Angeles area, and has taught private cooking classes for the last five years. Before moving to Southern California, Alicia lived in Israel and Washington, D.C. She graduated from UCLA in 1992 with a BA in Art History. Alicia has been married to Joseph since 1988; they are the parents of three sons. Delicious El Salvador: 75 Authentic Recipes for Traditional Salvadoran Cooking is her first book.

Traditional Salvadorian Green Salad {Recipe}

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This is a classic Salvadoran salad and a staple of our everyday diet. I love this salad because the ingredients are so fresh and crunchy. The lemon juice adds the perfect amount of acidity and flavor. It also reminds me of my paternal grandmother and the way she prepared it. She enjoyed going to the market and selecting the sweetest, most ripe tomatoes and crisp lettuce. I get nostalgic when I think about her cooking. This salad is traditionally servedRead More ...

White Bean and Pork Rib Soup Recipe

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When I started writing my cookbook “Delicious El Salvador,” my Salvadoran friends would always ask me if I planned to include my recipe of white bean and pork rip soup; well, here it is! The combination of white beans, oregano, pork, annatto, and thyme creates a velvety texture that explodes with flavors. White Bean and Pork Rib Soup- Sopa de Frijoles Blancos con Costilla de Cerdo Serves 6 1½ cups dried white or navy beans (12 ounces) 8 cups water 2Read More ...

Beef Patties in Light Tomato Gravy | Tortitas de Carne en Salsa de Tomate

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These beef patties are full of flavor and juices. They are also kind on your wallet because ground beef can come from some of the least expensive cuts of meat. But these humble ingredients transform this recipe into a delectable and delicious dish. It is also a perfect way to include vegetables into a young child’s diet because the bell pepper and tomato are combined in the beef patty. Serves 4-6 For the Beef Patties: 2 pounds lean ground beefRead More ...

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