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It Only Takes ONE Mom

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One of the most beautiful things my newfound blogging career has brought to my life is to be surrounded and constantly inspired by amazing mujeres and moms. To listen to most bloggers’ stories is to be drenched in passion by their tenacity, originality and constant strive to create the lives they envision for their families. Through these women I’ve learned that my voice is powerful, that I need to advocate, be involved, and give back to that which I believeRead More ...

Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland!

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My girl is finally at the stage where the images of Halloween are not that spooky to her. At least she tries being brave and that´s huge. Last year there was no way she would even get close to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland during Mickey´s Halloween Party, but this year she braved it…with my hand over her eyes and her peeking out! Mickey´s Halloween Party is really what Halloween needs to be about for kids. Spooky, yet fun. TonsRead More ...

SpanglishBaby Playgroup in Los Angeles Next Week! Join Us!

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OK, it´s time we get to know each other better IN REAL LIFE, at least those of you in the Los Angeles area. Because of that, we´re hosting an intimate “Power of Moms” coffee chat as our official first SpanglishBaby Playgroup in Los Angeles!  Made possible by Southern California McDonald’s and the National Center for Family Literacy, this intimate event celebrates motherhood and the impact mothers y mamás have on our children’s lifelong love of learning. Aside from a greatRead More ...

The Story Behind My Daughter’s Name

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choosing baby name

One of the most difficult tasks you need to accomplish when you find out you’re pregnant is to come up with a name for the baby. We really all have so many personal reasons in deciding which name our child is going to have to honor the rest of her life. I mean, it’s a daunting task to get it right and make one of the first of many huge decisions on behalf of this other person. The reason I’mRead More ...

Got A Story About Mexico To Share? It Could Win You $500!

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mexico today social magazine

As you know, since June I’ve been sharing stories about the things I love about Mexico and I think you will too. Now, as a Mexico Today Community Manager, most of my posts will live on the newly launched Mexico Today Social Magazine. What’s exciting about this is that YOU get to share your stories there too! They can be articles you write or any links (video or text) about Mexico you find and want to share. Not only willRead More ...

Getting Real + A Personal Update

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It´s late at night and all I can think about is how much I “miss” SpanglishBaby. Crazy, huh? How could I “miss” it here when I dedicate so many hours of my day to this space writing, commenting, sharing, reaching out to others, promoting, etc… What I miss is my real voice here. I miss sharing the ins and outs of the bilingual and bicultural journey with my girl and my husband. I miss putting together those blog posts thatRead More ...

This Is My Mexico…The Real One {Video}

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My Mexico Today Ana Flores Spanglishbaby

Remember that amazing trip to Oaxaca I went on to kick off the Mexico Today campaign? Many amazing things happened while there, and one of them was that there was a video crew interviewing some of the Ambassadors about our favorite things and places in Mexico. Since we happened to be in one of my two most-loved spots of all: Oaxaca (the other being Riviera Maya), it felt completely natural for me to speak my heart out in front ofRead More ...

For Moms And Babies All Over The World: The Million Moms Challenge

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Million Moms Challenge ABC news

If you’re here reading this you’re most likely a mom or a dad and you know that the most important thing to you is the health and wellbeing of your children. As a parent, your empathy expands to a larger scale when you identify with the struggles other moms who are less fortunate than you face just to care for the basic health and needs of their babies, especially those living in developing countries. That is why we are soRead More ...

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