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Mariachi Music Recognized As An Intangible Cultural Patrimony

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Mexico once more made the UNESCO (United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture) Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, but this time with Mariachi, string music, song and trumpet. According to the UNESCO, the list is “made up of those intangible heritage practices and expressions which help demonstrate the diversity of this heritage and raise awareness about its importance.” We can all pretty much agree mariachi music fits the bill perfectly as it is one cultural expressionRead More ...

Sundays In My City: Picking Mandarinas

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The Sunday after Thanksgiving and it´s 80 degrees outside. That´s when you know you live in Southern California. So while people are uploading pictures to showcase their freshly cut or unboxed Christmas tree and holiday trimmings, we are trying to figure out what the heck to do with the explosion of sweet mandarins in our backyard. After our backyard picnic brunch with Barbie, Ken, all sorts of princesses and stuffed amigos, I decide it´s time to face the fact thatRead More ...

La Rana René or Kermit The Frog? Setting It Straight

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muppets rana rene kermit piggy mexico

This video made me laugh so hard because some very good friends of ours in Mexico call my husband La Rana René as a nickname. You know we Latinos LOVE to use apodos, right? Well, now it seems like Kermit has felt he needs to set the record straight and let us all know that his real name is Kermit La Rana and NOT la Rana René like most of us from Latina America know him as. Kermit just doesn´tRead More ...

Staying Close To Family Even When Far Away

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I left El Salvador when I was 18 years old to study college here in the U.S. Back then, in the very early nineties, we really didn’t have any affordable options to communicate with our family abroad. Not even email! *Gasp* Howdidwedoit? Over the course of two decades, the speed, ease and affordability of communication has made it so easy for us to stay in touch with our loved one who live abroad. It’s even allowed for my daughter toRead More ...

Martha Stewart Takes Her Show to Mexico City

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martha stewart mexico city show

Mexico City got yet another moment to shine in the spotlight thanks to a visit from Martha Stewart and her show’s crew.  Their culinary, architectural and artisanal adventures were captured into a one-hour “The Martha Stewart Show” which aired yesterday, Wed. Nov. 2 on the Hallmark Channel. No worries if you missed it like I did, we can catch a repeat today at 1pm Eastern time on Hallmark. From the press release: Mexico City shines in the spotlight of HallmarkRead More ...

Memories of Tulum, Mexico, One of The World’s 50 Best Beaches

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tulum mexico best beaches in the world

I love being able to say I have so many memories of the best getaways in Tulum, Mexico, a gorgeous-beyond-words beach town which is now being considered one of the world’s 50 best beaches, according to It’s great to see Tulum being showcased to the world, but I also get a little bit zealous of keeping it a bit of a secret because, in a way, you want it to keep being quiet, almost desolate and a an “insider’s”Read More ...

The Bilingual Rebellion Begins

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“Mamá, yo solo hablo inglés,” were the words I had been dreading for four years and that inevitably came out of my girl’s mouth a few days ago. Did you catch the irony in it? She said “Mom, I only speak English” but she said it in Spanish! I calmly responded to her, en español, “Ah, ¿si? Y, ¿Porqué?”(“Oh, yeah? Why?”) She responde, en espanol, “Porque cuando estoy sola solo hablo en inglés.” (“Because when I’m alone I only speakRead More ...

The Power of Moms and Bilingual Playgroups!

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Last week we had our very first SpanglishBaby Playgroup in Los Angeles, made possible thanks to Southern California McDonald´s. We had such a blast and it was so gratifying to see our chiquitos playing together and hear them speak and sing in español! We got together in this occasion to talk about the power of moms in creating a literay-rich environment for our kids. We were led by the wonderful Jo from the National Center for Family Literacy (you mightRead More ...

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