This video made me laugh so hard because some very good friends of ours in Mexico call my husband La Rana René as a nickname. You know we Latinos LOVE to use apodos, right?

Well, now it seems like Kermit has felt he needs to set the record straight and let us all know that his real name is Kermit La Rana and NOT la Rana René like most of us from Latina America know him as. Kermit just doesn´t have the same ring to it en español. Do you agree?

Thing is that Ms. Piggy is upset by the way she assumes he got the name of Rana René and now is prohibiting him from using it, and you know how that can get! So, like a good man, errr, frog, he’s succumbed to her word.

Not sure if I´ll be able to do the same. Can´t see my Mexican friends calling my husband Kermit La Rana now!

Check out this video where Kermit and Piggy have it out in Spanish and tell me what you will be calling him now!


The Muppets opens in theaters nationwide November 23rd and we can´t wait to see what they are up to on the big screen after so many years!

Will you be spending your Thanksgiving á la Muppet?

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