How cute is this video?  My daughter couldn´t stop smiling when I played it for her and started laughing when she heard him saying the few words he knows en español.

I shot this video this weekend during the PBS portion of the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Los Angeles.

In the video you get to see Elmo´s puppeteer and creator, Kevin Clash.  They were presenting a very special and award-winning documentary, Being Elmo:  A Puppeteer´s Journey, which will air on Independent Lens on PBS this coming season.

I didn´t get a chance to attend the preview of the film, but from clips I´ve seen and from hearing Kevin Clash speak about it this weekend I gathered it´s a highly inspirational film about a boy driven by a dream, a calling, and how he overcame skepticism and criticism to make it real.  This man is living his dream to its fullest potential and I can tell you it´s noticeable in his face.  No wonder Elmo has charmed the world.

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