All Diapers Are Not Created Equal

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Before I had my son, I had heard a lot of other mothers speak about their preference among brands when it came to diapers for their sons. I wasn’t really sure what they were referring to since I’d only use cloth diapers and one particular brand with my daughter (my attempt to go with a cheaper brand was a bad, bad decision which resulted in a terrible rash I still feel guilty about).

So, when I had my son, I saw no reason to change brands even though I had heard from lots of moms that the brand I was using would not keep him dry. For the first months, everything seemed to be fine, but I used to breastfeed my son throughout the night, so part of our routine included diaper changes in the middle of the night – some times even two and three times.

It wasn’t until my son was about 14 months and had already been sleeping through the night for long while that we started having problems with his diaper not keeping him dry. Every morning I’d wake up to find him soaking wet, including his PJs and the crib’s sheets. At the beginning, I thought it had something to do with him drinking his milk way too close to sleep time. But I changed that and we continued to have the same problem.

Before switching brands, I decided to give the night diapers (from the brand I was using) a chance. I feared that changing brands would have the same results on my son that it had on my daughter several years back. Unfortunately, the night diapers didn’t work. My son continued to wake up wet and I was not only tired of all the washing, but I hated that my son felt uncomfortable with the diapers we had chosen.

At the recommendation of a good friend, I decided to try Huggies Overnite Diapers and I was beyond thrilled when I went to get my son the morning after and he was completely dry. But I knew it could have been just a lucky episode, so I decided to continue using them before being completely convinced. Well, I’m happy to say that it’s been at least 9 months since we’ve been using them and my son has not woken up wet again!

Are you one of those moms who has a preference for a specific brand depending on whether you have a boy or a girl?

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Buena suerte to all!

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