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Gracias to Huggies Brand for this sponsored post.

This weekend San Diego, CA will be bustling with Fiesta del Sol, its largest Latino festival, and I’ll be joining Huggies there to be part of the celebrations of their newly announced California Puts Huggies to the Test.  This initiative encourages parents in the Southern California area to put Huggies new and improved products to the summer “fest” test.

Aside from providing festival goers with a free mobile changing station (whose tour kicks off  in Fiesta del Sol!), Huggies Brand will provide diapers to local Hispanic families through Project concern International Partnership and donation.

According to a study commissioned by the Huggies Brand, the single biggest frustration for Latina mothers is the poor condition of public diapering spaces. Just think about it. You’re in a huge festival where the line for the nearest portable toilet is unfathomable and stinky. Where do you change your child other than on the floor or a table? Huggies Brand will come to the rescue by providing attendees at Fiesta del Sol and other community events a solution to their diaper changing challenges — access to a free, clean mobile changing station. What a relief! I’ll make sure to take pictures of it and get reactions from those attending to let you know what it’s like.

Huggies gives back to the local Southern California region

To further assist local Hispanic families in San Diego community, Lemon Grove and neighboring cities with access to their latest diapers and wipes, Huggies Brand has partnered with Project Concern International (PCI) to donate 100,000 diapers through the California Border Healthy Start Project which works with primarily Hispanic families in low-income, high-need communities and through other local partner programs.

The diapers will be delivered to the Project Concern International center on July 22 on behalf of the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) – a nonprofit organization founded by Huggies® Every Little Bottom to provide clean, dry diapers to babies in need. Since 2010, Huggies has donated more than 80 million diapers to families in North America through the Every Little Bottom program.

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