As I shared with all of you yesterday, Ana and I spent all of last week in Miami for our Bilingual is Better press tour, as well as for our super fun book launch party at Cool de Sac. We had an incredible turnout, including several celebrities and tons of little kids who seemed to be having a blast.

In all honesty, it was a bit hard to see all those kids there having so much fun and enjoying la fiesta knowing that our own kids were so far away back home in Denver and Los Angeles. I would’ve loved for Santiago, Vanessa and Camila to be there with us, but it was simply impossible now that they’re all back to school.

The party was a huge succes thanks to our sponsors and today I’d like to share with you some highlights of Huggies® presence at our book launch celebration. We were honored to have two of Huggies® main spokespersons, Jeannette Torres-Alvarez and Poncho de Anda, as guests and in the slideshow below you’ll be able to see a few pictures of them enjoying our fiesta.

But first, let me tell you about the two Huggies® campaigns they were promoting. Early childhood expert and proud mom of two bilingual kids, Torres-Alvarez took the time to explain the features of Huggies® new Facebook app Respuestas de Mamá.

As spokesperson for Pon Huggies® a Prueba, TV personality and father of two, Poncho de Anda shared how the diaper makers want dads to put their products to the test and then tell them all about it.

Thanks to Huggies® for believing in Bilingual is Better and for making our book launch party an incredible event for all!

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