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One of the most beautiful things my newfound blogging career has brought to my life is to be surrounded and constantly inspired by amazing mujeres and moms. To listen to most bloggers’ stories is to be drenched in passion by their tenacity, originality and constant strive to create the lives they envision for their families.

Through these women I’ve learned that my voice is powerful, that I need to advocate, be involved, and give back to that which I believe in.

A group of 10 of these social media moms, many whom I am fortunate to call my amigas, recently became ONE Moms and traveled to Kenya to meet their African counterparts and experience extreme poverty as told through the lens of a mother in Africa. If you followed their blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages and the #ONEMoms stream those days you would have been touched by stories of them sitting in a dirt floor home with a family while they were being tested for HIV/AIDS and have to be present while the mother got the news she tested positive. Right there in front of her kids. Reality like this has to be lived…and these 10 ONE Moms did.

As a ONE Moms blog partner {no compensation, just voluntarily spreading the word}, I just received this video in my inbox and was motivated to share it right away because I want you all to know who these amazing moms are. Meet them here:


ONE Moms is a movement of moms everywhere using their extraordinary power to spread awareness for the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease. These moms are leading a movement to promote education, engagement and activism on behalf of the world’s poorest.

The message is ONE doesn’t want your money, they just want your voice. Why? Because your voice and your awareness is much, much more powerful than your money. Just look at what SpanglishBaby is becoming thanks to our collective voices, not anyone’s money.

Be inspired. I am.

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