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My daughter Vanessa always wants to know what kinds of games I played as a child or what kinds of song I sung or what kind of books I read. Sometimes I use that as an opportunity to expose her to our culture in a fun way.

Well, the other day she asked me what kind of stuff I used to watch on TV. When I found “El Chavo del 8″ DVDs at Walmart, I knew I had to get them immediately so that I could show here instead of tell her.

If you grew up in Latin America in the ’70s and ’80s, then “El Chavo” (and “El Chapulín”) must have been a part of your daily life. Or, at least, they were of mine. I used to laugh so hard watching all the characters’ crazy antics. When I put the DVD in the player, I wasn’t sure how Vanessa would react – especially because I hadn’t told her too much about it other than to tell her that I was going to show what I used to watch as a child.

I wasn’t sure if she’d get some of the humor, but I guess I had forgotten the universality of stupidity! Ha! As soon as El Chavo did the first stupid thing – I think he was watering Don Ramón’s feet – she burst out laughing. She also laughed when she heard Kiko crying and after the second episode she was mimicking one of El Chavo’s immortal sayings: “Bueno pero no se enoje”, lifting her hands like him and all.

After seeing how much fun she’s been having watching those episodes, I decided that they were a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month because, to me, El Chavo will always be a part of our culture!

Another thing that I decided to include this month to celebrate our culture is more music. I’ve already got Vanessa  (and even Santiago) hooked on several of old school Shakira songs, but I recently decided it was time to check out her last album in Spanish. I’d heard some of the songs and they reminded me of her beginnings, so I was happy to find the Sale el Sol CD at Walmart because that’s the only way we can listen to music in my car.

I was not disappointed an neither were my children. Not only did a lot of songs remind me of the music I fell in love with back in the early 90s, but I also loved the variety of genres, including merengue, reggaeton, rock, and ballads!

¡Muy divertido!

DisclosureAs part of the Walmart Moms program, SpanglishBaby received compensation and the product to facilitate this post. As always, all stories and opinions are our own.

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