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Our Search for a Dual Language Immersion Kindergarten

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It’s hard to believe that in just seven months my girl will be starting a whole new stage in life: kindergarten. That means that we are now deep in the process of touring dual language immersion programs, applications and crossing fingers to get a spot in one of our top choices. Just three years ago when we launched this blog, I visited what was then Benjamin Franklin Elementary school in the Glendale Unified District in California. We wrote a seriesRead More ...

We Are In The Heart of Haiti

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Last week I shared with you that I was about to embark in an adventure of a lifetime with a group of bloggers and the women behind the Heart of Haiti and Fair Winds Trading. I am now here, in the heart of the Republic of Haiti, and I can attest that even though the heart is suffering, it is fiercely pulsating. We’ve now spent two full days here and the best word to describe them is intense. Intensity inRead More ...

Life’s Messy Moments Are Worth Sharing {Video}

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clorox bleach it away

One of the things you don’t realize once you become a mom is how seriously messy your life becomes…in so many ways. No one can prepare you for the first diaper explosion (my husband had to deal with that one, ¡el pobre!), the projectile bursts of milk, or a closet full of stained shirts. We go through them and somehow survive and it all becomes part of the messy moments in life file. But, some are just bigger and muchRead More ...

A Trip To Haiti With Heart of Haiti

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Two years ago today we stood still as we witnessed from afar the massive devastation which occurred in Haiti after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook its core. Two years later, the nation is still rebuilding and progress is slow at best. In less than two weeks I will be heading there with a group of enthusiastic women to witness for ourselves the life being led in Haiti today, as well as to see and document the work of sustainable aidRead More ...

Why I Joined The Moms Clean Air Force {Video}

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One of the best news I received while on my trip to El Salvador to celebrate the holidays was the announcement of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards as a reality. Since April of 2011, Roxana and I  had been telling you about this 21-year in the making standards which the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] had introduced in March. We had never participated so actively with a cause as important as this one. Nothing can really collectively matter as much asRead More ...

Navidad in El Salvador

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I wanted to write this days ago, but time has been flying by so quickly during our stay in El Salvador. Well, quickly and not, since the days here feel longer because of the slower overall pace and the lackadaisical “la vida es playa” attitude with which life is lived here. Christmas was all we wanted it to be: familia, amigos, warmth and great comida. My sister’s husband–mi cuñado–has a very, very large family; he has 10 uncles and auntsRead More ...

Language, Culture and Familia Immersion in El Salvador

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It´s been a little over a year since the last time we came to El Salvador. That time Camila celebrated her third birthday with her familia Salvadoreña. She also spent three weeks completely immersed in a Spanish-only preschool during the weekdays. Her Spanish was flowing beautifully since it was the language she heard the most since she was born. Aside from strengthening her Spanish skills and connecting a need to it, the bonds she made with her cousins, abuelita andRead More ...

Posadas in Mexico: The Largest Nativity Scene in the World

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posadas largest nativity scene mexico

  The tradition of posadas have begun and Mexico honors this celebration a lo grande. So big, that they’ve even broke two World Guinness records this year for having the biggest nativity scene, as well as the most amount of figures in one scene. This massive nativity scene, which is a recreation of what the city of Belén must have looked like two centuries ago, has been set up on the parking lot of the famous Estadio Azteca of MexicoRead More ...

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