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SpanglishBaby Gets Comfortable With Hanes at Disney World

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It’s been a little over two years since we launched SpanglishBaby into the blogosphere.  We started this space as a passion project where Roxana and I could write, share and learn from the community of parents raising kids bilingually and bi-culturally, like us.  The more SpanglishBaby grows, the more content we have to produce and time we must dedicate to keeping it all up. At the same time, both Roxana and I have to work and find any time possibleRead More ...

LéaLA Bringing Spanish-Language Literacy to the U.S.

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We´re all about bilingual and Spanish-language books this week in celebration of El Día del Niño, El Día de los Libros. Thus, I was very excited to see that the world-famous Festival Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara is debuting their first ever Spanish-language book fair in U.S. this weekend in Los Angeles: LéaLA. With over 100 of the most important publishing houses in attendance, LéaLA is being touted as “One of the most ambitious efforts to bring Spanish language booksRead More ...

Do You Really Know What Dirty Air Tastes Like? I Do

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Once upon my life I lived in South Beach only blocks away from the turquoise Caribbean Sea.  One day, I got tired of the calmness and beauty of it all and decided I was ready to embrace a bit of chaos in my life. You know, wanting to grow up and all that.  This was before I hit my Thirties. So, I sold everything I had, packed my bags and moved to Mexico City. Just like that. Against everyone´s advice thatRead More ...

Pachamama Day aka Earth Day

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No words, just this song by Andrea Echeverri–a true Pachamama connector–and los Aterciopelados. Bondad Espiritualidad Honrad a la pachamama Beldad Universal Cósmica Bondad Majestad Honrad a la pachamama In English: Kindness Spirituality Honor the pachamama (mother earth) Beauty Universal Cosmic Kindness Majesty Honor the pachamama (mother earth) How do you honor Mother Earth on her day? ...

SpanglishBaby Interviewed on Vme’s TuBebe

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Vme TuBebe

We will always jump at the chance to be invited to talk about our favorite topic of all times:  Raising bilingual and bicultural kids and the rewards and challenges that come with it. One of our constant partners and promoters is Vme TV.  We have been organically writing about Vme ever since we launched, even before they believed enough in us and you to sponsor SpanglishBaby, because we´ve always believed they have the best free educational programming for Spanish-speaking kids.Read More ...

Why We Joined the Moms Clean Air Force

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Living in Los Angeles is not for the faint of heart. We live with the constant threat of tsunamis, wild fires, earthquakes (too often referred to as “The Big One”), and contaminants in our air. You can say it’s the price we pay to live in average 72-degree climate and under the most gorgeous skies, not to mention our sunsets, mountain ranges, sushi and beaches (albeit freezing waters!). Last week was an intense one, to say the least, with theRead More ...

Mamá Meltdown

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Mama Meltdown---SpanglishBaby

I was not a good mamá this morning. I lost my patience big time and entered into the biggest battle of wills with a tiny person with a really strong head (guess where she gets that from?!) This week I finally started committing to a resolution I´ve had to wake up at 5:30 am to have some ME time. The day goes by so quickly with mom-duties, house-duties and business-duties that I never get around to the me-duties.  After consideringRead More ...

Bilingual Brains Are More Flexible. I’ve Got My Own Proof.

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camila columpio

Remember a couple of weeks ago I told you that my daughter needs to be evaluated by a speech therapist because her clarity is below average for her age? I’m still waiting to get the appointment due to health insurance coverage issues. (No surprise here, huh?) Meanwhile, I’ve noticed something that left me in total awe and completely gave me one more point to validate her bilingualism. As I’ve mentioned before, my girl has no problems expressing herself and isRead More ...

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