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I admit I feel very weird referring to myself as an activist or advocate of any sort.  I come from a society that believes that as a woman “calladita te ves mejor” (the quieter you are the better you look). I believed it my whole life. I’ve never spoken up publicly for things I truly believe in.  I am completely illiterate when it comes to rallying up support to call, email and/or, much less, visit our representatives to voice myRead More ...

Spanish Friday: Celebrando El Día E 2011 y Mi Palabra Favorita en Español

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Un grupo de blogueras nos hemos unido a El Día E 2011–una celebración mundial del idioma español creada hace tres años por el Instituto Cervantes.  El Día E se celebra oficialmente mañana, Sábado 18 de junio, pero nos hemos adelantado un día para darle el chance a que más se nos unan. Aparte, nuestra amiga y contribuidora, Tracy Lopez de, creó hace unos meses el Spanish Friday donde la premisa es que las que blogueamos normalmente en inglés loRead More ...

Summer Solutions From Aveda {Giveaway!}

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I am serious when I say summer is my favorite time of year. I might be slightly biased because , growing up in El Salvador, summer is really all I know.  As soon as the weather starts warming up and days get longer, I start daydreaming about the beach, the pool, the barbecues, sitting outside at my favorite café and all the outdoors has to offer.  But, now that I´m, errrr, older I have to adopt certain summer rituals toRead More ...

Need Your Advice To Decide on the Best Pre-School Option

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princesa leyendo

Yes, I´m selfishly using this space to get some advice from you. I´m actually a bit nervous to even pose this question here because it almost seems obvious that my girl needs to attend a language immersion pre-school, but it´s not so black and white. I´ve complained for years now that there are no viable language immersion pre-schools in the LA area.  For sure, none close to me.  So, when Camila turned 15 months I enrolled her in a familyRead More ...

3 Ways in Which Theme Parks Can Broaden a Child’s World

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My daughter has always had an extremely energetic and lively spirit. She can be the loudest and most attention-grabber in the room, but only once she´s comfortable with her environment and, especially, if the environment is mostly Spanish-speaking. I have to admit that I´ve been a tad worried that our efforts to immerse her in Spanish all the time aren´t allowing her to fully be herself when she´s with a group of kids that only speak English. Because of that, fiveRead More ...

6 Books to Encourage Clean Air in Our Homes

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How to grow fresh air

I wished I could say I live a totally green and eco life.  I can, however, say I try and try and am conscious about waste and recycling.  Anyone who knows me can tell you I did try cloth diapers, but failed, and that I am the plastic bottle and paper plates, cups, etc police. It´s so easy to carry around your own water and refill it. Why the need to buy cases of plastic bottles that fill up theRead More ...

When Cultures Collide: Not-So-Happy Mother’s Day

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Dia de las Madres/Mother's Day

My husband and I met during the years I lived in Mexico City.  We got married and soon after moved to L.A. thanks to a job offer.  We had our first and only daughter almost four years ago in the U.S.  She has both a U.S. passport and a Dutch one because her paternal Opa (grandfather) is a Dutch citizen.  She doesn´t have or need a Mexican or Salvadoran passport to have those nationalities in her blood. We have beenRead More ...

Mother’s Day Gifts: A Wish List

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I was born on May 10th, which is the day many Latin American countries celebrate El Día de las Madres/Mother´s Day.  Yes, I have been such a gift to my mamá! I´m used to having to congratulate my mom and give her a gift at the same time I´m receiving a gift and congratulations from her.  As of 3 years ago, I´ve had to get used to receiving the one congratulation for the day I was born and for beingRead More ...

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