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Remember when I went to Haiti in January with a group of bloggers and the Heart of Haiti? That trip enlightened me to the fact that the decisions we make when we’re going to purchase a gift for someone else or ourselves can have a huge impact on a community and even directly on the family that created it. I call it conscious purchasing and I’ve seen first-hand the difference it makes in the smile of a woman that feels capable and worthy because she can now send her child to school.

That feeling came rushing back to me last week when I opened a package that was coming from ONE Moms. I knew that coming from them it would be something special, and that it was. I reached into the package and pulled out a soft, light and beautiful scarf. As I rushed to wrap myself in it I noticed the tag that hung from it.

The tag from FashionABLE read:

“Because of you I am ABLE to see my son Abel grow in character. Thank you, Etanesh.” and then a link to read Etanesh’s story. So I went online and clicked.

And the scarf became even more precious. I know who made it, in essence. I know the drive behind her labor. I know the poverty she lives in and the struggles she’s had to endure only because she was born a woman in the wrong place, at the wrong time are not enough to defeat her.

I also learned that FashionABLE is a non-profit that creates sustainable businesses for women in Africa, much like the Artisan Business Network we met in Haiti and the Heart of Haiti. Buying a scarf from FashionABLE guarantees you are helping provide jobs and rehabilitation to women who are grateful for it. Imagine how beautiful you will look in that!

But the journey of the scarf doesn’t end there. The packet I received was a sort of Bon Voyage gift for the 13 ONE Moms from the U.S, and Great Britain who last week embarked on a journey to Ethiopia where they are visiting schools, factories, hospitals and meeting with local Moms to bring global awareness to their issues, which, in this interconnected world, are our issues as well.

As a ONE Mom partner, I’ve been following their posts, tweets, Facebook updates and Instagram pics and was in awe when they visited the FashionABLE factory and got to meet the women behind the scarves. Liz Gumbiner of Mom 101 and Cool Mom Picks shares the story of her visit so beautifully with this post.

The decisions we make every day impact us all.

Thank you to ONE Moms for my FashionABLE scarf and for allowing us to be part of the story.


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