10 tips to raising a bilingual child

Last week during our media tour in Miami for our book Bilingual is Better, Roxana and I had to answer lots of questions regarding raising bilingual kids. One of the top questions we got was what are the best tips to successfully raise a bilingual child. So, I decided to share those tips over at my Babble Voices blog this week.

Here’s a list of the 10 tips and you can click over to Babble for more detailed information on each.

1. Have the whole family on board

2. Choose a method/develop a plan and stick to it

3. It takes a village to raise a bilingual child

4. The earlier you start, the better

5. Talk, talk, talk!

6. Play, play, play!

7. Travel abroad

8. Playgroups for you and your baby

9. Find a dual language immersion program

10. Read, and then read some more

Oh, and yes, all of this and more is in our book. Do you have it yet? :)

{Photo by USACE on Flickr}

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