Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions

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kellogg's tour of champions

Days before leaving to Miami to meet up with Roxana for our crazy, amazing “Bilingual is Better” publicity tour, all I wanted was to spend as much quality time as possible with my girl and husband because I would be gone for five days. Just then, I got an invitation from Kellogg’s for my family and I to attend the Tour of Gymnastics Champions in Los Angeles and I immediately jumped on it because I just knew my girl would be thrilled. I wasn’t wrong.

Camila had been fascinated by the Olympic gymnasts and watched as the drama unfolded. She was particularly enthralled with Jordyn Weiber, mostly because she saw the interview I recorded with her mom, and also because she saw her crying when she didn’t make the cut to the all-around finals. Camila still can’t forget about that moment.

But now she got to see Jordyn in a whole new light, and in performing in person! But not only Jordyn was there, the Olympic gold-medalist gymnasts Gabby Douglas, Kyla Ross and Aly Raisman all came out to dance and perform led by 2008 all-around Olympic gold medalist, Nastia Lukin.

We also got to see the Men Olympics team and so many other elite gymnasts up-close and performing amazing and beautiful routines. The show’s format is definitely of high adrenaline, with lots of surprises, like a performance from LFMAO’s lead man dancing with the gymnasts.

Not once did my girl seem bored, and it was already past her bedtime. She was at the edge of her seat (and my lap!) the whole time and would clap, dance and bounce throughout.

The tour is going on through Nov. 18 and it’s making many stops. For a full list of cities and ticket availability, check out the schedule.


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