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One of the amazing things about my life as a blogger is to be able to meet inspiring women and moms who will go to great lengths to raise a proud, healthy and successful child, while at the same time taking care of themselves and their family. We know it´s a tall order – a really tall one at times, – so imagine being in the shoes of a mom who´s raised a child who´s on their way to shine at their first Olympic Games?

I was able to meet such a mom when Kellogg´s gave me the chance to interview Rita Wieber, author and mom of Jordyn Wieber, the 16 year old girl from Michigan who is the current World Champion in gymnastics, and most likely just weeks away from being part of the U.S. Olympic Team to represent in the 2012 London Games.

Just how does one as a mom recognize and nurture such talent at a very early age? I mean, Jordyn was already being noticed in the major national competitions by the age of 11! And how does one continue to encourage and even prepare one´s child to live like a champion and everything that comes with that, yet remain focused, calm and energized. I had to ask Rita Weiber all these questions during our one-on-one interview at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. Her answers were honest and real.

I can´t wait for June 22nd when the U.S. Olympics gymnastics trials begin and we can root together for Jordyn Wieber as she gives it all for her first shot at being one of the five members of the team for the Summer Olympic Games.

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Jordyn is also on the Team Kellogg´s and has a whole page on their site dedicated to her Start Story, her accomplishments, and even to her breakfast! There´s also a tab called “Send Her a Wish” where you can send a message of encouragement to Jordyn “to help her achieve Olympic Team greatness – for the first time.” Let’s go, let’s be part of her Great Start.

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Disclosure: We are proud to be part of the  Kellogg´s Champions of Great Starts bloggers and proud to have Kellogg´s as a SpanglishBaby sponsor.

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