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Video of the Week||Pocoyó-El Gran Tobogán

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Pocoyó-El Gran Tobogán httpv:// We are obsessed with Pocoyó…we truly are.  We actually have a little ritual we call “La Hora de Bailar” where we put on El Baile de Pocoyó and our little dictator of a toddler makes both papá and mamá stand up in front of the screen, holds both of our hands and has us jumping and dancing with her and Pocoyó.  You could call it cute;  I´m not so sure. ...

Video of the Week: Las Tres Mellizas Bebés

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Las Tres Mellizas Bebés httpv:// I had never heard of them until last week when my DVR recorded their show on V-me by mistake.  Now we can’t get enough of these baby triplets!  Las Tres Mellizas Bebés is a spin-off of the widely popular Catalán animation and books that have been around for three decades - Las Tres Mellizas. I’m now starting to get obsessed with the show because I found out that it was created as a language learningRead More ...

Video of the Week + More: ¡Viva Cinco de Mayo!

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You have no idea how touchy my Chilango (i.e. Mexico City born and raised) husband got when I told him I wanted the three of us to actually celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year. Why would a Mexican not want to celebrate a Mexican holiday? Well, because this is a holiday that, truth be told, has become very commercial – like most every other holiday – and, thus, has lost it’s true meaning. Aside from the fact that this isn’tRead More ...

Video of the Week||Charlie y Lola

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Charlie y Lola-Ese es Mi Libro 1 httpv:// This week we’re joining the celebrations of Día de los Niños/Día de los Libros that are happening all around the country in libraries, bookstores, schools, and such. ...

Video of the Week||Keep it Clean

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Tomorrow, Wednesday April 22nd we’ll celebrate Earth Day around the world. There are many ways we can get involved, but most importantly I think it’s a great opportunity to talk to our kids about the environment, the world we live in and our responsibility to it. Plant some seeds, go to an Earth Day festival, start a small compost bin or clean out electric waste in your house and take it together to a recycling center. There are many waysRead More ...

Video of the Week||Celia Cruz + Sesame Street

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What can be more fun than Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa, singing and dancing with Sesame Street characters? This one is from the baúl de los recuerdos, but 23 years later is still completely relevant, useful and fun.  Use this video to teach kids to count to ten in español, while you do a little salsa dancing with Celia.  Why not? httpv:// ...

Video of the Week||El Baile de las Vacas

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Warning: Your kid will jump, dance, twirl, move her arms all around, ask for more (and más and more…) and make YOU sweat like a vaca! I’m not kidding here. This thing is addictive. httpv:// ...

Video of the Week||Cantinflas Show

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httpv:// This one goes out to all us nostalgic ones who grew up watching the fabulous Cantinflas in one way or another. This is an episode of his educational children’s cartoon, Cantinflas Show, also known in English as Amigos and Friends. ...

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