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Video of the Week::Caillou

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My daughter’s current obsession is Caillou, a Canadian children’s television show based on the books by Christine L’Heureux and illustrator Hélène Desputeaux.  Caillou is a bald-headed, four-year old who loves exploring his world. Caillou is originally broadcast in French, but the Spanish versions can easily be found on YouTube.  PBS airs the English versions in the US. This is one of my girl’s favorite episodes: Caillou y el Gran Tobogán httpvh:// Remember to head over to our new sister site-SpanglishBabyFinds-forRead More ...

Video of the Week::Ricas Frutas

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I’mfeeling like sharing a classic today.  This music video was created by the Plaza Sésamo production and was included in the Putumayo Kids Sesame Street Playground CD/DVD set.  This set is a great way to watch some favorite Sesame Street characters with their amigos around the world and to listen to music from different cultures. This song is called “Ricas Frutas” and features Mexcian signer Aleks Syntek along with Pancho, Abelardo, and Lola from Plaza Sésamo. ¡Qué lo disfruten! PlazaRead More ...

Video of the Week–Poko

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Poko is a children’s show about a little boy with a magic finger.  The beauty of this show, created for the preschool crowd, is that it helps them to identify their emotions and how to deal with upsetting situations by using simple strategies.  Because we all know how easy it is for anything – like an apple cut the wrong way – to totally throw a kid into a crisis! In this episode, Poko, along with his pet dog andRead More ...

Video of the Week||Topo Gigio

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What a nostalgic trip down memory lane with Topo Gigio!  How many of you remember watching him as a kid?  Surely if you grew up in Latin America, Italy, the US, Japan or any of the many countries where Topo Gigio was adored you’ve at one point been fascinated by this little mouse. We can thank the Italians for creating such a lovable character more than four decades ago.  Some countries still air his shows, but you can for sureRead More ...

Video of the Week::Little Pim

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Little Pim–Eating and Drinking httpvh:// I had heard of the Little Pim foreign language immersion DVD´s and had made a note to learn more about them soon.  This week I found clips of their Spanish language series on YouTube and I´m now fascinated with the quality of the videos, the cute panda and their method of immersion, repetition and relatable images to teach babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers another language. ...

Video of the Week||Doki Descubre

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Thanks to SpanglishBaby reader Gaby for sending us this message to remind us how great Doki Descubre is: I just wanted to suggest a video that my daughter adores from Discovery Kids Español. It’s about an inquisitive dog called “Doki”- short educational snippets perfect for a child’s mind. If you don´t subscribe to Discovery Kids Español and haven´t discovered Doki, a very curious dog that embarks on different one-minute adventures to discover the many details that make up a kid´sRead More ...

Video of the Week||Bruno y los Banana Amigos

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httpvh:// I´m slowly but surely becoming obsessed with the children´s programming on V-me (which is basically PBS en español).  A couple of weeks ago I posted a Las Tres Mellizas Bebés adorable video and today I have to introduce you to Bruno y los Banana Amigos. ...

Video of the Week: Te Quiero

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httpvh:// The two words every parent raising a Spanish speaker wants to hear:  Te Quiero. ...

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