I´m slowly but surely becoming obsessed with the children´s programming on V-me (which is basically PBS en español).  A couple of weeks ago I posted a Las Tres Mellizas Bebés adorable video and today I have to introduce you to Bruno y los Banana Amigos.

My friend recently told me about her daughter being obsessed with “Bruno y los Banana Amigos”, and I was all “Bruno qué?”;  never even heard of it.  We finally caught it this week and we’re hooked.

If you’ve never seen him, Bruno is a very playful and imaginative monkey that takes his troop of friends on wild adventures and crazy games.  It’s perfect for the preschool crowd that can learn about colors, shapes, numbers and sizes in Spanish while being entertained.

This is a full 10 min episode.  Que se diviertan.

Here’s a tip for you:  Click here and you’ll go to the Video of the Week archives section where you and your kids can have fun watching all the videos we’ve posted so far.  ¡Un pequeño tesoro de diversión!

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