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Las Tres Mellizas Bebés

I had never heard of them until last week when my DVR recorded their show on V-me by mistake.  Now we can’t get enough of these baby triplets!  Las Tres Mellizas Bebés is a spin-off of the widely popular Catalán animation and books that have been around for three decades - Las Tres Mellizas.

I’m now starting to get obsessed with the show because I found out that it was created as a language learning tool. In Europe you can watch it in English, French, Catalán and Spanish. V-me premiered the Spanish version in the U.S. last March.

Quote from the series’ website: “The discoveries that the children make during their first years of life is the basis of this series. This series intends to be a language learning tool. The episodes allow children to experience language immersion in a unique environment. The scripts have been developed with the process of language acquisition in mind, by using repetition and visual support to help comprehension. The vocabulary from each episode is resumed in a song at the end of each story. The episode finishes with a summary of the vocabulary that has been studied.”

Here is a one-minute video for a yogurt campaign with Las Tres Mellizas that airs in Spain to encourage children to go to bed.  This is one message that I have no problem reinforcing over and over and over again to Camila! Two lessons in one: Spanish and “a la camita.” Perfecto!

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