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Video of the Week: Swiper the Explorer

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“Swiper the Explorer” clip from NickPress on Vimeo. These days my daughter has grown a sweet spot for Swiper, the sneaky fox Dora and Boots are always watching out for.  She was jumping up and down when I put in a preview copy we got of the new primetime special “Swiper the Explorer”, because, this time, Swiper is the star.  Dora and Boots are on a mission to find a baby fox´s mom and Swiper, showing his soft spot, enlistedRead More ...

Video of the Week + GIVEAWAY: Bienvenidos a LazyTown

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Few shows have the ability to get you up and running like LazyTown can.  And that´s the whole point.  The high energy that comes from the music, the colors and the adrenaline-filled pace of the show can be addictive for little girls and boys. The friends at V-me sent me a dvd of the Spanish-language version of LazyTown´s first episode “Bienvenidos a LazyTown” to watch and review.  My girl, now 2 1/2 years, happily gave up her normally scheduled doseRead More ...

Video of the Week: Global Wonders: Mexico

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We´ve written about Global Wonders, the multi-cultural children’s DVD/CD series before, but we just had to feature another one of their videos.  This is an excerpt of their Mexico DVD where the kids are learning about Mexican “heroes.” Of course, there’s a masked luchador in the mix! Global Wonders:  México “Wall of Heroes” httpv:// ...

Video of the Week: Sid el Niño Científico

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It’s extremely gratifying when I get word that a respected brand and/or company has taken the decision to create materials which are relevant to our Spanish-English bilingual children. It’s one more step towards creating the awareness that our children are growing up in a global and diverse community with its own set of needs. That’s why I was excited to find out that KCET, local public TV station for Central and Southern California, and The Jim Henson Company have teamedRead More ...

Video of the Week: The Princess and the Frog

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There´s no escaping all the buzz about “The Princess and the Frog,” Disney´s new animated musical that hits theaters nationwide today.  We haven’t seen it yet, but are excited to meet Princess Tiana, Disney’s first African-American heroine who lives in New Orleans’ French Quarter during the Jazz Age. It´s been a while since Disney ventured into their classic musical in 2-D hand-drawn animation they do so well.  We´ll be heading to the theaters this week for sure for the bigRead More ...

Video of the Week: Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure

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We’re definitely in the holiday spirit by now! And Dora is sure not one to be left behind. Check out this super cute video of our favorite animated Latina singing about La Noche Buena. Great way to introduce to your younger children this phrase that means Christmas Eve in Spanish. The video is part of Nickelodeon’s new Dora the Explorer prime time special “Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure” which premieres this Sunday, Dec. 6th at 8pm (ET/PT). The song itself isRead More ...

Video of the Week: Santa Buddies

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The 2009 Holiday season has officially begun and the conversation with children during this time is all about Santa Claus.  My girl is only two, so this is the first year she’s uderstanding the concept. Her first introduction to the man from the North Pole was with this new Disney movie that came out this week:  Santa Buddies-The Legend of Santa Paws. It’s basically the classic Christmas story but this one features the Buddies-those adorable and super popular talking puppies. Read More ...

Video of the Week: UP

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We apologize to those of you who follow SpanglishBaby and are already accustomed to watching our Video of the Week on Tuesdays. Starting this week we´ll be changing things around a bit to make it more exciting to all. You can still expect to get a muy cool video clip in Spanish every single week to watch with your kids. This week, Disney*Pixar´s beautiful movie UP was released for home viewing. We were lucky to get two clips in SpanishRead More ...

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