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Video of the Week|Spanimals

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httpv:// I totally ran into this video by pure luck when I clicked over to our friend Gidget’s fun blog: Gidget Loves Language.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be our Video of the Week. This is nothing like the animated videos we’ve brought you in the past weeks. ...

Video of the Week| La Gallina Turuleca

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The idea behind posting a different video, podcast or song every week is to give you easy access to fun media in Spanish to share with your kids. Soon enough, we’ll have such a great collection under one click for you to entertain your kid in español for a while–which might give you enough time to make dinner! I admit I tend to get a bit nostalgic when it comes to sharing Spanish-language music with Camila. I rely a lotRead More ...

Video of the Week|Pocoyó

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Basically, every expert on the subject agrees that if you want your child to learn a new  language, just exposing them to “educational” media in that language won’t-on its own-increase their chances of learning it. For maximum language absorption, children need to be actively involved with caregivers, family and/or friends who verbally interact with them through play and daily activities. ...

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