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Photo by *spud*

Photo by *spud*

Basically, every expert on the subject agrees that if you want your child to learn a new  language, just exposing them to “educational” media in that language won’t-on its own-increase their chances of learning it. For maximum language absorption, children need to be actively involved with caregivers, family and/or friends who verbally interact with them through play and daily activities.

That being said, media can be a useful tool for reinforcing the minority language if it’s an activity in which parents can actively engage with their children. If your kid already watches TV, it’s recommended that you choose programs in the minority language. This is a HUGE topic of discussion, and one we’ll be talking about in much more detail in later posts. For now, I want to introduce you to our:


Every week we’ll browse the web to find a children’s video en español to share with you. The idea is that you can use these as a source of quality, educational and, of course, FUN videos to share with your child.

Our very first video comes from la madre patria of Spain: Pocoyó -  a sweet and curious, 4-year-old preschooler. His joy and curiosity for life lead him into countless adventures with his friends: Pato, Loula, Pajaroto and Elly, the big pink elephant. Pocoyó stimulates a child’s imagination through playful interaction and lots of laughs. I just love to watch it with Camila and ask her to dance like Elly, la elefante ROSA, and watch her clumsily turn around and around in circles.

We’re posting the Spanish version, but the beauty of Pocoyó is that it’s available in 11 languages!

One of our favorites; yours to enjoy:  El Baile de Pocoyó


Do you have favorite videos you and your child watch together? Please share with all of us links to your favorite on-line children videos in Spanish.

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