The idea behind posting a different video, podcast or song every week is to give you easy access to fun media in Spanish to share with your kids. Soon enough, we’ll have such a great collection under one click for you to entertain your kid in español for a while–which might give you enough time to make dinner!

I admit I tend to get a bit nostalgic when it comes to sharing Spanish-language music with Camila. I rely a lot on the classics I grew up singing during my childhood in El Salvador. One of those songs is La Gallina Turuleca. Now Camila can learn the song while watching the animated video we found from the Spanish clown, Miliki-member of the famous clown act Gaby, Fofo y Miliki.

I can’t remember seeing any other gallina with so much personality! She dances, prances and lays dancing eggs on stage. Click here for they lyrics to sing along and teach your little ones to count eggs from one to ten in Spanish with La Gallina Turuleca.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Have you found any videos of children’s songs in Spanish that make you nostalgic? Mind sharing the link with all of us?

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