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Few shows have the ability to get you up and running like LazyTown can.  And that´s the whole point.  The high energy that comes from the music, the colors and the adrenaline-filled pace of the show can be addictive for little girls and boys.

The friends at V-me sent me a dvd of the Spanish-language version of LazyTown´s first episode “Bienvenidos a LazyTown” to watch and review.  My girl, now 2 1/2 years, happily gave up her normally scheduled dose of other V-me shows (“Las Tres Mellizas Bebés” and “Los Pies Mágicos de Franny”) to watch this new show in her repertoire.  The result:  lots of jumping, dancing and singing.  Precisely what LazyTown wants you to do-watch them, but not be a couch potato at it.

LazyTown is a place where kids only wanted to eat candy, play video games and stare at screens.  Sound somewhat familiar?  Until the mayor´s pink-haired niece, Stephanie, came to visit and couldn´t stand that no one wanted to, or even knew, how to have fun and play outdoors.  She enlisted the help of Spartacus, a very athletic and moustachy superhero, who comes to the rescue to teach the LazyTown kids how to be lazy no more and adopt healthy living habits.  Of course, there´s a villain in the story; his name is Robbie Rotten and he will try to stop these crazy health freaks from teaching the kids that carrots are yummier than a chocolate-chip cookie and that hitting a real ball feels better than swinging to one with a controller in the air.  He always fails, and LazyTown is a more fun and more healthy place to live in.  With los of dancing. And pink.

Watch this clip in español we got for you and then scroll down to find out how you can be one of three winners to get a pick of your LazyTown DVD.


This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to the winners: #1-Terra Fewless  #38–Gianna  #48–Lily Kwan!!

Three lucky winners will each receive their choice of either one of these two LazyTown DVDs or the Spanish-language CD with the best songs from the show.  Each DVD comes with three episodes and the option of English or Spanish.

For your chance to win all you have to do is visit the V-me Niños LazyTown site by clicking here. Come back and leave a comment telling us which of the LazyTown characters your child can identify with and why.  Have fun with it!

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This giveaway ends Sunday, February 21st at midnight EST.

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