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What a nostalgic trip down memory lane with Topo Gigio!  How many of you remember watching him as a kid?  Surely if you grew up in Latin America, Italy, the US, Japan or any of the many countries where Topo Gigio was adored you’ve at one point been fascinated by this little mouse.

We can thank the Italians for creating such a lovable character more than four decades ago.  Some countries still air his shows, but you can for sure find tons of the Spanish language videos on You Tube.  A proof of his enduring popularity is the millions of views most all of his videos have.

One of the most popular ones is “A la Camita” with over four and a half million views!  I hadn’t seen it in a long time and was surprised I could still sing-a-long to the song.  It’s just one of those songs that brings back the cozy, nostalgia-tinted family memories;  the same type of memories I want to create for Camila.  It’s my turn now.

Topo Gigio–”A la Camita”


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