Pocoyó-El Gran Tobogán

We are obsessed with Pocoyó…we truly are.  We actually have a little ritual we call “La Hora de Bailar” where we put on El Baile de Pocoyó and our little dictator of a toddler makes both papá and mamá stand up in front of the screen, holds both of our hands and has us jumping and dancing with her and Pocoyó.  You could call it cute;  I´m not so sure.

In any case, it´s time we share with you another one of our favorite Pocoyó episodes:  El Gran Tobogán or The Great Slide.

Tobogán is the more formal translation for “slide” in Spanish.  I actually call it a deslizadero and my husband calls it resbaladilla.  But since I’m the one who spends 99.5% of the time in the playground with Camila, I’m sure deslizadero will be the word she’ll learn in Spanish. ;)

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