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This one goes out to all us nostalgic ones who grew up watching the fabulous Cantinflas in one way or another. This is an episode of his educational children’s cartoon, Cantinflas Show, also known in English as Amigos and Friends.

The cartoon series was created in Mexico in 1969. What’s amazing to me is that its message was way ahead of its time with multicultural themes to educate children about topics ranging from the pyramids to atomic energy and from Acapulco to Da Vinci.

The video we chose for you today is called Adopte un Arbol (Adopt a Tree). Our Amigo Cantinflas wants kids everywhere to learn about and love our trees.

If your kids have never seen Cantinflas, this is a perfect intro cartoon with a message that is still relevant. Older kids will love the fairy tale ending and Cantinflas’ wacky humor.

Que lo disfruten!!

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