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Happy 100th Birthday To Cantinflas, A Mexican Icon

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Mexico’s most prominent and most loved film icon would have been celebrating his 100th birthday today.  Mario Moreno, better known as Cantinflas, embodies Mexico’s spirit and amplified it through his movies and cartoons to the rest of the world.  He definitely put Mexico’s film industry on the map, especially after his 1957 Golden Globe  win as best actor in a comedy or musical, as he took his beloved country’s customs and social disparities to the global screen. If you wereRead More ...

Video of the Week||Cantinflas Show

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This one goes out to all us nostalgic ones who grew up watching the fabulous Cantinflas in one way or another. This is an episode of his educational children’s cartoon, Cantinflas Show, also known in English as Amigos and Friends. ...

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