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Photo by r-z

Photo by r-z

Here’s our list of newspaper articles, blog entries and other info regarding multiculturism that we found interesting this week. There’s education again, at the top of the list, but there’s also some giveaways and a even a controversy about a bilingual doll!


1) San Jose school district to phase out popular dual-immersion language program
The “happy project” that opened in 1996 to teach elementary children in both English and Spanish will be phased out after June. Mount Pleasant School District Superintendent George Perez cited a budget crisis. Another sad day in the history of dual-immersion. Perez used to be a bilingual teacher. Go figure. Check out the scary comments.

2) Dream Act students create new site to foster support for their desire to be educated citizens — The upper most thought in most college students’ minds this month is where they are going to spend their Spring Break. Yet for some kids, it’s whether or not they will be able to afford to go to college or be able to put their degrees to work once they’re finished. These are the undocumented students, better known, as the DREAM Act students. I’ve been following this story on and off for a few years now. The bottom line is pretty simple: they just want to be educated. Let’s see if President Obama really does something about it.

3)Raise a Bilingual Kid — Introducing your child to a second language is easier than you think. And in our world gone global, it’s a supersmart move. Reinforcement–in case you’ve been wondering–on the values of bilingualism. It never hurts to read more about the same thing!

4) Italian at Dinner — Pediatrician and author Naomi Steiner, 42, says raising children to be multilingual makes table talk a little more interesting. Short interview with the author of: 7 Steps to Raising a Bilingual Child, on how she does it.

5) Giveaway – Mientras se enfria el pastel! — This is what our fellow blogger, Tati, over at Wanna Jugar with Migo, has to say about her latest giveaway: “I am so excited about this giveaway! This book is one of our favorites. The illustrations are darling, the story unique and it is a great counting book that goes along with telling the time. I know you will LOVE this book.” Go over

6) After Dora uproar, Nick and Mattel soothe moms When toy maker Mattel, working with Nickelodeon, announced earlier this month that a “tween” version of Nick’s beloved “Dora the Explorercartoon character would be unveiled in the fall, the response was overwhelming … overwhelmingly negative: Dora the streetwalker. A sexed-up version of a children’s icon. A poor example for kids. Hilarious! I don’t even like the existing Dora, es muy chillona… Can’t wait to see one later on this year!

7)Study Finds Differences in Moms by RaceBSM Media examines the behaviors, values and habits of mothers across racial lines. Our research shows that while all mothers are battling with the growing concerns facing our nation, such as education and saving for the future, some of a mother’s coping strategies and motivations are tied to her culture and ethnic background. Some interesting finds, but the most pressing question for me is: how come they didn’t release the results of Hispanic moms until asked for them? Weird. Any thoughts?

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Don’t forget we’re putting together a series of entries about dual language immersion programs you won’t want to miss! It all starts tomorrow.

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