Protecting our Kids From RSV

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Making sure that our niños attend a good preschool or even daycare center can always be a bit stressful for us parents. We worry over the location, if it’s a language immersion or not, the method, the caregivers and even of the diversity in the school. After all that is done and our kids are safely and happily attending school, there are still things we can’t plan for, like our little ones coming back home with a cough or aRead More ...

May is for Miracles! You Can Still Help!

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Since 1987, Walmart and Sam´s Clubs associates have been actively raising funds for the Children´s Miracle Network Hospitals and doing their part in “creating real miracles.” During six weeks of the year, you can also help create miracles just by visiting your local Walmart or Sam’s Clubs and making a small donation. They really do add up! In the last 15 years over $600 million have been raised through these efforts, helping 170 hospitals around the nation. The Children’s MiracleRead More ...

Extra! Extra! We Have Some Awesome News to Share!!

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Ana and I have a big announcement to make today: SpanglishBaby will soon be a book! We’re writing un libro! A couple of months ago, we were approached by Bilingual Readers – a bilingual publishing house based in Spain which we highly respect and whose bilingual children’s books we’ve reviewed in the past – to see if we’d be interested in taking SpanglishBaby to yet another level by publishing a book about raising bilingual and bicultural children in the UnitedRead More ...

Announcing Winner of My Bilingual School Library Contest

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Last month we launched My Bilingual School Library Contest, something we´ve been wanting to do for over a year. We took so long because we were constantly debating over the best way to conduct it so it would seem fair and unbiased to all. We chose to open it up to popular vote, but failed to see beforehand the many flaws in the way the system was set up. Since many things got out of hand, we decided to closeRead More ...

The Culture of Food Giveaway Brought to You by PAM

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This is the first time we host a giveaway of this sort, but it is part of a partnership we have right now to promote the PAM Top Tips Contest where you get a chance to win $5000, a dinner with Venezuelan Chef George Duran and more.  To enter  all you have to do is go to the PAM Top Tips Contest page before February 7th and let all know how PAM Helps You Pull It Off® in your cocina. Read More ...

A Nutritious and Traditional Snack for Halloween and Day of the Dead {Video}

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The weather is chilly, pumpkins sit on front porches and fires are lit up in chimneys. Fall is officially here, and with it the holiday season of excess kicks off with Halloween and, for some of us Latinos, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  Nutrition is always a huge topic around the holidays and more so around Halloween because of the insane amount of candy our kids are exposed to. Now, we know we can´t stop our kidsRead More ...

A Little Update

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We’re baaaack!!!! You probably heard/read that we were in New York City last week. We just got back from spending an amazing few days there for BlogHer, the biggest blogger conference in the country. Not only did we meet a lot of incredibly talented fellow bloggers/blogueras face to face, but we also got a chance to talk about bilingualism and biculturalism with a bunch of different people, including the fantastic gente over at Vme TV (our sponsors to Blogher), Scholastic, Little Pim, Lectorum and Global LanguageRead More ...

Bilingualism Blogging Carnival

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Just a quick note to let you all know about this month’s installment of the Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism which this time around is being hosted by Sarah, over at Bringing Up Baby Bilingual. If you’re not familiar with the carnival, I suggest you go visit Sarah’s site so you can see what it’s all about, but basically it’s a recompilation of all sorts of posts dedicated to this awesome task of raising multilingual children. The thing I love theRead More ...

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