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One Year Later: A Brand New Look + Some New Features

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We’re celebrating a tremendous milestone today: our first year! It seems really hard to believe that we’ve been around for a whole year and, although we can’t deny it’s been a lot of work, we couldn’t be more thrilled with what has happened in these last 12 months. I have no doubt saying the most gratifying accomplishment has been the extraordinary connections we’ve made with readers from around the world who—like Ana Lilian and I—have embarked in this amazing journeyRead More ...

Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism

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Just a quick note to make a couple of announcements. First, we wanted to let you know that it’s that time of the month again… time for the blogging carnival on all topics related to bilingualism. One of the awesome things about it is the variety not only of bloggers and their styles of writing, but of experiences related to raising bilingual/multilingual children. Some of the things they write about I can totally relate to, while others are completely newRead More ...

We´ll be back real soon

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We know we´ve been gone for a while now, and we apologize for not giving you a head´s up. SpanglishBabyFinds will be put on hold until March while we undergo a major site redesign that will merge SpanglishBaby and SpanglishBabyFinds into one amazing and über-useful site for parents raising bilingual children.  At least, we like to think so! Till then, we invite you to continue visiting us at SpanglishBaby and to sign up for our free newsletter and rss orRead More ...

A little break….

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Since we´re all out enjoying as much as possible the very last official days of summer, we decided to give the Experts a break today…yeah, and us as well! Considering we just launched a new sister site, SpanglishBabyFinds, with a banging two-weeks of giveaways and that Roxana gave birth to her baby boy last week, well, we feel the need to relax and regroup to keep bringing you fresh and exciting material, stories and finds. We hope you´re having aRead More ...

Yo Quiero Links!

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We’re back!!! I know we’ve been kind of sketchy with our weekly Yo Quiero Links posts, but it’s been a pretty busy summer. Actually, TOMORROW you’ll get to find out what has kept us so busy lately. We can’t wait to share our latest news with you, so we hope you don’t miss our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT In the meantime, here are some pretty cool links we’d like to share with you: 1) Study Shows Bilingual are Unable to ‘turnRead More ...

Yo Quiero Links!

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I know it’s been a couple of weeks without our regular Sunday, Yo Quiero Links! post and I’m sorry for that… Summers are just crazy that way! It was my daughter’s birthday last Sunday, so I was pretty much swamped the whole weekend preparing for an awesome party where she – from the contagious sound of her genuine laughter – appears to have had a lot of fun! Anyhow, there’s much to share with you this Sunday, so let’s getRead More ...

Yo Quiero Links!

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Another scorcher here in the West, so we’ll be heading out to the pool soon but before we do, we wanted to share this weekend’s links with you – especially the first one where we get a mention that made us very happy. Yay! 1) U.S. News & World Report: Good News for Those of Us in Bilingual Families – “It wasn’t so very long ago that parents were warned that trying to teach tiny babies a foreign language wouldRead More ...

OPOL WEEK: Useful Links

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This contest is now closed. The week’s final winner is:  Susan. Congratulations!  Thanks to all! We feel we hit the mark when we decided to dedicate a whole week to the One-Parent-One-Language method of raising bilingual children. If you’ve missed the informative articles prepared by Roxana, experts and guests then click here to read them. Today is our last day of the OPOL WEEK and we’ve put together a list of useful links related to the OPOL method. Some areRead More ...

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