A little break….

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Photo by photon ℽ

Photo by photon ℽ

Since we´re all out enjoying as much as possible the very last official days of summer, we decided to give the Experts a break today…yeah, and us as well!

Considering we just launched a new sister site, SpanglishBabyFinds, with a banging two-weeks of giveaways and that Roxana gave birth to her baby boy last week, well, we feel the need to relax and regroup to keep bringing you fresh and exciting material, stories and finds.

We hope you´re having a relaxing and love-filled day.

¡Hasta mañana!

P.S.: How about you send us some more of your insightful questions for the experts? All you have to do is click here and leave a question on the form that appears at the bottom of the page. Anything related to bilingualism in general, education, speech development, biculturalism, advocacy, etc. is more than welcomed and appreciated.

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