{Ana and I in San Diego}

Ana and I have a big announcement to make today: SpanglishBaby will soon be a book! We’re writing un libro!

A couple of months ago, we were approached by Bilingual Readers – a bilingual publishing house based in Spain which we highly respect and whose bilingual children’s books we’ve reviewed in the past – to see if we’d be interested in taking SpanglishBaby to yet another level by publishing a book about raising bilingual and bicultural children in the United States today. Our response was a resounding: ¡claro que sí!

SpanglishBaby turns 2 1/2 years old tomorrow – yes, we published our first post Feb. 9, 2009 and you can click here to read it), but it feels like we’ve been at it for much longer. Maybe it’s all the hours and hours of work we’ve put into it or the amazingly supportive community we’ve become. And, although Ana and I had talked about the possibility of one day turning the blog into a book, we didn’t think the opportunity would arise only two years after we launched.  It´s set to be published on Fall 2012 and we are set to deliver!

Ana and I got to spend the last few days together in San Diego. A rarity we fully took advantage of by talking not only about the future of SpanglishBaby but with an incredibly productive breakfast meeting to organize ourselves as we venture into the exciting realm of writing our first book. We were able to figure out a lot of things, but other things are still pending.

So, as we jump into this new adventure, we hope you won’t mind that, along the way, we may ask for your opinion on certain topics. We’d like for this book to be an extension of the blog and we know that without your input, it would make no sense. If you have any particular ideas about what you’d like to see in the book or just questions you think need to be answered to make this bilingual and bicultural journey a bit easier or more realistic, you know how to reach us!

Raising bilingual and bicultural children is not something we only write passionately about, but also something we believe in wholeheartedly. This book represents another vehicle through which we can continue to spread the value and need behind raising our children so they can survive in this global society without forgetting sus raíces. Nothing could make us happier! We surely hope you feel the same way!

UPDATE: The book, Bilingual is Better, is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! 

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