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As we are new to the blogging world, both Ana and I spend what feels like every “available” (i.e. when we’re not being stay-at-home-moms) waking hour scouring the internet in search for anything we can get our hands on regarding raising bilingual kids. There’s not much, but whatever we find out there, we promise to share with you!

Here we go:

A bilingual future: More parents are sending their kids to language classes — In a world where economic ties reach beyond oceans and continents, learning a foreign language is fast becoming the skill of choice for parents who want to give their children a leg up. Interesting read. Scary comments. Thanks for the link, Ines!

Only English Here Says Kansas School — A Kansas court judge rules in favor of a Catholic school’s decision to ban all non-English speech within its walls. A group of Hispanic parents responds: Parents appeal Wichita school’s ‘English only’ policy I’m extremely curious about the outcome. I will definitely follow. Again, frightening comments.

Two tounges are better than one, claim experts — People who learn to speak two languages from birth are the best at multi-tasking, a new study has revealed. One more reason to raise bilingual kids!

Nothing is Wrong With ‘the Way Kids These Days Talk’ — Languages are like rivers: they keep changing and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. I really enjoyed reading this. It made me think a lot about this whole “Spanglish” thing and what it really means. Excellent!

If you get a chance to read these, we’d love to read your thoughts. Some of these could start real interesting “conversations.”


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