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Photo by Mooganic

Photo by Mooganic

Hola and Happy Easter to all! We’ll spend the afternoon decorating eggs and helping our daughter during her first-ever egg hunt, but more than anything, we’ll be spending a lot of time en familia and we hope you will too!

But first, our weekly round up of links you might be interested in checking out:

1. Raising a Child in Two Worlds – My child doesn’t look quite like me (Caucasian) or her father (Colombian); she’s something new for both families. When I was pregnant, the thought of having an “exotic” looking child based on our combined genetics – Jose’s inky black hair, dark eyes, and round face coupled with my waspy, delicate looks and tiny build – hadn’t really occurred to me. Then I gave birth to our daughter, Nina, and race and culture became, for the first time, an “issue.” I just read this and I’m still trying to digest it, so I don’t really have much to say about this except: you NEED to read it. And, expect a post about this article at a later date…

2. Learning Two Languages – Raising multilingual children offers opportunities as well as unique challenges. Parents may ask a range of questions: Should they speak to their child in their native language? How will that affect their child’s ability to learn English? If they speak to their child in English, will he lose his native language? And what happens when parents speak to their child in two languages? Although here at SpanglishBaby we’ve covered this topic at length, it never hurts to read more of the same. Plus, PBS always does it right.

3. New Wave of Authentic Latino Flavors Hits the US – American Latinos and non-Latinos alike are driving a ‘new wave’ of authentic Latin American foods and flavors set to enter the mainstream in the US, according to a new report.

4. Fluent in SpanglishHave you ever made the mistake of saying a few phrases in Spanish, only to have the other person speak for the next 45 minutes in the mother tongue, while you have little clue as to what they are saying because it is too fast, and you don’t know how to stop them? I laughed, even though I can’t identify with the author, and you probably will too!

5. Latino USA with María Hinojosa – Latino USA is committed to informing Americans about the people who are increasingly becoming their neighbors, friends, and co-workers. From the outset, Latino USA has understood the complexity of the Latino community and has been driven to break down the notion that there is a monolithic Latino point-of-view. The program has not shied away from reporting on problems and divisions within Latino communities. Hosted by María Hinojosa, whom I truly respect not only as a Latina, but as a fellow journalist, Latino USA has been around for about 15 years. This is their website, which for the last year has been working toward increasing the dialogue about what the transformation of the USA actually means for all of us. If you’ve never heard her, it’s time to check her out!

6. Last, but not least: We love GIVEAWAYS and we love supporting a great cause. Click here for a chance to win one Jumbo pack of Pampers diapers or pants + four “One Pack = One Vaccine” Pampers/Unicef  campaign onesies. Deadline is tonight at midnight EST.

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