Are You a Mamá Bloguera?

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Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

We’re glad to let you know that our first installation of Week of Mamás Blogueras was a huge hit, thanks to the beautifully inspiring posts written by Tati, Jen, Violeta, Mónica and Carrie and to the comments you all took the time to make.

A light bulb went off in our heads enlightening us to the fact that there are many parents in the blogosphere writing about their challenges and victories, as well as sharing how-to’s and advice on their journey of raising bicultural and bilingual (or multilingual) kids.

We’ve always envisioned SpanglishBaby as an online community where parents can come to ask, explore and share advice. But the words of Roxana, our amazing panel of experts and mine aren’t the only ones we want to be read. We believe that we need to join as a community of like-minded parents that have a same goal: raising bilingual and bicultural children to be open, diverse and compassionate towards an ever-evolving world.

Join Us!

So, we want to hear more from you. If you have a blog, and you are raising bilingual kids, please let us know by sending us a message here. We will list your blog, along with a description, under the Mamás Blogueras tab in our main navigation menu.
Of course, there’s no way we would leave out Papás…never! Just fill out the same form and we’ll list you as a Papá Bloguero.

Feel free to send us article submissions to appear as a guest post on any topic regarding culture, language, education and children.

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