Change of Language, Change of Personality? Part II by François Grosjean on Psychology Today — Does your personality change depending on the language you’re speaking? I don’t think mine does… although if I have to give a speech or speak in front of a large audience, I do feel more confident if I do it in Spanish. Prof. Grosjean continues to explore this subject.

Top 10 Reasons Your Children Aren’t Speaking Your Language from Multilingual Living — From lack of resources to not enough exposure to the language, Corey Heller, the founder of Multilingual Living, shares reasons and solutions to why your kids aren’t speaking your language.

Easiest Foreign Languages To Learn (for English speakers) from The Telegraph — Just for fun! I was surprised to see that the first one was Afrikaans, a language I was exposed to briefly as a child when we lived in South Africa. Now I wish we had lived there long enough for me to become fluent.

Utah Immersion Program the Envy of the Nation from NBC Latino — I had no idea this was going on in Utah. Did you? Again, we can only hope more school districts start following Utah’s lead!

Why It Pays To Be Bilingual from Voxy —  A super cool graphic on the cognitive, financial and cultural benefits of bilingualism. Hat tip to my colleague and fellow journalist Alicia Civita for the find!

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