It’s obvious summer is in full swing because I’ve very little to share in this installment of Week in Links for #BilingualKids. Plus, honestly, I’ve been way too concerned with the wildfires consuming my state to be able to concentrate on anything else. Have you seen the images? They’re devastating. Hope you don’t mind me asking you to say a little prayer for Colorado. ¡Gracias!

Amazing Bilingual Writers II from Life as a Bilingual/Psychology Today — As a bilingual writer myself, I can say that my reasons for doing it are: 1. Because I can and 2. Because I’ve never ever been happy when any of  my work has been translated by anyone other than myself. Check out Professor Grosjean’s article to find a list of some amazing authors who write in both their languages and some of the reasons they do it.

Kitchen Russian, baby Danish and the two-state solution from The Economist — Short and interesting article about that delves into the perennial question: how fluent are you? Does fluency in a language mean you know how to speak, write and read it? Even more important — and a subject I’m truly fascinated with — can you talk about science, politics or babies at the same level in the languages in which you claim fluency?

Parents pushing for dual language from The Herald-Sun (Durham, NC) — Yes! More parents should demand that the dual language immersion becomes an option in their school district. I should be one of those here in the suburbs of Denver.

Besos: So You Think You Can’t Cruise? 5 Reasons Why You Are Wrong — Some of you might know that Ana and her family were on a European cruise last week. If you’ve been thinking about doing the same, but you’re still on the fence, you must read this. What a great way to expose your family to other languages and cultures albeit for a short time.

MamásLatinas: ¿Eres de las que obligan a sus hijos a saludar a otros adultos con beso? — Such a loaded topic and totally up our alley since we’re all pretty much raising not only bilingual kids, but also bicultural ones. According to the lively discussion I had with my colleagues regarding this topic, it’s obvious this is pretty much a cultural thing. What do you think? Do you teach your children to greet other (Latino) adults with a kiss?

Have any links I forgot to include? Please feel free to share. The more the merrier! ¡Gracias y buen fin de semana!

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