Why English Is No Longer Enough from The Huffington Post — Not that we need to be convinced, but it’s always nice to hear others saying it. Interesting read!

Bilingual Fluency & Disparities in Fluency from Latinaish.com — Our friend Tracy López writes about the differences in her children’s levels of fluency in Spanish. I’ve always found this topic super interesting because in my own household growing up my siblings and I all had different levels of fluency in Spanish because we all got the States at different ages and chose completely different assimilation routes. My children are still too little for me to analyze the differences in their bilingualism. But it’s something I’m definitely interested in watching as they get older.

Can a First Langauge Be Totally Forgotten? from Life as a Bilingual — Thanks for another fascinating read, Prof. Grosjean! The answer to the question is especially promising for a lot of adults Latinos who were spoken to only in Spanish when they were children, but once they entered school, they replaced it with English and today do not consider themselves bilingual.

Why Summer Learning Needs to Incude International Studies, Even for K-5 Students from Stacie Berdan.com — A guest post by our fellow bilingualism advocate, Angela Jackson, of Global Language Project, on how to teach your children about the cultures around them this summer. Great ideas!

Podcast: The Bimusical Brain from PRI’s The World in Words — Have you heard of the bimusical brain? If you haven’t, read this article — or listen to the podcast — to find about the connection between a bimusical brain and a bilingual one.

‘Espanglish’ Accepted by Spain’s Dictonary of the DRAE from The Huffington Post — It’s about time! ¿No creen?

Any other links I forgot to include? Please feel free to share. The more the merrier! ¡Gracias y que tengan un lindo domingo!

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