Hablando Español and Other Ways Travel Has Affected My Children from NYCityMama — I absolutely LOVE this post by our friend Carol Cain. Her family and her just came back from a trip to Costa Rica, which obviously did wonders for her children’s bilingualism and understanding of other cultures. Nothing like exposing our children to language and customs through travel.

‘The Translator’ – The story of Angel Pagan from FoxNewsLatino — For all the baseball lovers out there, this article tells the story of the San Francisco Giant’s center fielder Angel Pagan,

To Improve Kids’ Chinese, Parents Head to Asia from the Wall Street Journal —  The amazing sacrifices parents are willing to make to ensure their children grow up bilingual. I missed this article last week, but it’s definitely a good read. Obviously, moving to a country were your child’s second language is spoken is not an option for everyone, but it’s an idea my husband and I have definitely toyed with in the past few months. Of course, Peru is not that far away, but it would still mean a complete change in life. If you could, would you be willing to do this?

Study: Bilingual ed better for non-ELLs from Education Week — Interesting study that looks at the effects of bilingual education on non-English Language Learners. In essence, bilingual education is a good thing for non-ELLs.

Besos LA Moms’ Favorite Fun and FREE Summer Activities to Do in Los Angeles With Kids — A must read if you leave in LA and you have kids! So much fun!

Have any links I forgot to include? Please feel free to share. The more the merrier! ¡Gracias y buen fin de semana!


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