Why raise a bilingual child? Parents on language, culture and roots from Multi American on KPCC — A must-watch if you’re raising bilingual children or thinking about it. I’m sure you’ll see yourself reflected in the reasons these parents give for raising bilingual kids.

False Friends and Other Unwanted Companions from Psychology Today — Have you ever said “librería” when you really wanted to say “biblioteca?” Prof. Grosjean explores why interferences like that happen to bilinguals. My favorite part of the article is this one because I can totally relate: “… when bilinguals are fluent in both languages, interferences are often two way, with each language being able to influence the other from time to time. This leads some bilinguals to think that maybe they don’t speak either language well when, in fact, these are very small bumps on a what is usually a smooth road.”

Learning English can help immigrants survive from The Denver Post — I don’t think the headline reflects it well, but the author of the column, Abraham Morales, is really trying to convey the importance of being bilingual. I agree with him that all immigrants would benefit immensely from learning English, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of forgetting their Spanish.

Los Pollitos – A Story and Coloring Book from Spanish Playground — Our friends from Spanish Playground and Music with Sara have joined forces to bring you this super cute classic story that your bilingual kids will love!


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