Bilingualism and language learning has been in the news a lot more than usual since 2013 started. Take a look:

Bilinguals Have Faster, More Adaptive Brains When They Get Older, Study Finds from ABC News — More proof that the benefits of being bilingual last a lifetime. You can also read Ana’s take on this study on her Babble post.

Babies Seem to Pick Up Language in Utero from The New York Times — We knew babies learn to recognize their mother’s voice while in the womb. This study says they also learn to recognize and learn bits of their native language before they’re even born.

Humor in Bilingual Couples by Prof. François Grosjean from Psychology Today — If English is your second language, did you have a hard time finding humor in your partner’s jokes in English? I know some couples who have hilarious stories to tell related to humor when two languages are involved.

My Best Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids from Bilingual Monkeys — 30 tips you will absolutely love! I particularly like the one related to reading and writing.

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