La Doppia Vita from Language Magazine — A thorough article by our very own expert, Simona Montanari, about the proven benefits of dual language immersion education through the lens of the own Italian-English program she helped get started in Los Angeles.

Born To Be Bilingual by François Grosjean from Life as a Bilingual — A letter written by the esteemed Prof. Grosjean on the birth of his first grandchild. Congratulation to him and his family and what a lucky little baby this is to have Prof. Grosjean for his grandfather!

The Joys of Being Bilingual from The Independent — One more reason why learning another language is a good idea: It gives you more options when it comes to researching a specific topic, as some graduate students are finding.

The Cognitive and Brain Fitness Benefits of Being Bilingual from SharpBrains — In case you need a reminder of all the cognitive benefits of being bilingual, you’ll find them all in this article. One of my favorite parts is a graph that shows the percentage of bilingual speakers in the world. 

KSD “Bilingual Education” — A quick look at bilingual education from the point of view of the teachers.

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